Lather For Lupus


By purchasing a little piece of luxury from K Body Creations, you’re not only getting quality, artisan bath and body products - you’re also supporting a good cause.


Five percent of each K Body Creations sale is donated to the Lupus Foundation of America, in honor of (founder) Kateena's sister Rachael.


Rachael passed away from lupus at the tragically young age of 40 after a long battle with the chronic autoimmune disease, leaving behind a young daughter and loving family.

Following the loss of Rachael, Kateena is now dedicated to raising awareness of this mysterious disease and contributing in some way to its eradication.

Affecting more than one million people in the US, Lupus is more prevalent in women and people of color. Thanks to you, K Body Creations can continue its monthly donations to help fund medical research and support those fighting lupus right now.

Rachael’s life was cut short, but her fun-loving and generous spirit lives on in the heart of all those who knew her.

Thank you so much for your support.


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